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A. Lesser's Ponderings

Anne Katherine Lesser (please...call me Annie) is an award winning poet, produced playwright, and published photographer. Here are her thoughts and work she is currently exploring.

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HANGOVER (a poem)

Head resting against porcelain.

Hand clutching,

as the coolness fails to calm the pounding in my head.

I wish someone was stroking my hair.

With that out of my mouth flies the reason I wanted to give you a blow job last night,

falls every little secret I told to people who should not have been told.

Dribbling from my lips are bits and pieces of regret, loneliness, and shame.

Paranoia heaves within my chest,

as I try and fill the holes of my Swiss Cheese evening with condiments of assumption.

My bed is both a comforting companion

and a painfully cold casket.


I yank my own hair,

wondering if I really asked you to do the same last night, or was that just part of a dream?

For my memories feel like dreams, my thoughts knives,

and the ringing doorbell an AK47 to my brain.

Orange juice and a plain bagel,

Warm shower and an Advil,

Big smile and denial.

That’s how I’ll get through my day.